Is it possible to please have some functionality that allows journey fields to be used across different lead groups. I would imagine that most FLG users use lead groups in the same way we do to cater for very small differences in Customer leads - but ultimately there will always be top-level fields that are pretty common across all customers and therefore lead groups.
The ability to have journey fields has really opened up FLG and made the data we can capture even more relevant and useful, however having the create and essentially duplicate the exact same fields across different journeys/groups is really really time consuming and actually when you start doing other things with this data (for example Zapier) its super confusing to work out which fields belong to each group and if the field name needs to be duplicated this makes it even worse.
At a high level there are 50 "standard" lead custom fields in FLG at group level, I guess I'm asking if we can have something similar at group level for Journey leads.