Hi Guys,

Is it possible to investigate what a Order Processing or Checkout page might offer for some users. Al I am thinking is a standard html template either hosted on a site or possibly even through a HTML e-mail.

Whilst FLG is more about leads and selling (rather than specifically sales processing), I would imagine that there are an increasing number of FLG users who end up selling a product after a lead conversation - to handle all this in one place would be a huge benefit.

In our example, we issue a quotation through an e-mail template to the Customer, which they then accept by clicking a link in the e-mail. It would be great for the user to click the link/CTA and then be presented with a booking/payment page to clarify the order and allow the Customer to use their payment card to finalise the actual sale.

Looking in to it and it looks like Infusionsoft and Ontraport do this quite well, including necessary up-sells offered to the Customer.

I would see this as no more than a checklist of options to present to the end user, when certain options are selected - the total price is calculated, relevant taxes added and then a payment/checkout page offered to complete the transaction.

To have the completion of any sale within FLG, would be great from an overall reporting point of view - but also really extend the use of FLG as a cradle-to-grave solution for Sales automation/Selling.

I would imagine for the most part, this could be made easier through integrations with Xero and/or stripe or any other gateways through FlowXO. But I think the development of a template for HTML pages which allows fields to be placed within the code and displayed as a checkout could be a very neat feature, especially when coupled with automation/workflows/statuses/e-mail templates etc.