I’m not sure if this idea requires any specific AI type functionality. But I think something more rudimentary would probably achieve the same outcome.
Is it possible for a feature within the timeline/stream to automatically create a “Next Best Action” prompt to always place at the top of the stream/page.
Essentially something that looks at the current status of a Lead and suggests what the next outcome could be, with either a form or Journey being displayed to complete or a “no option” to prompt a secondary more suitable action.
Example being “Quote Accepted” this could prompt the user to contact the Customer to book a service in or sell a product. “Quotation read” could prompt the user to make a follow up call.
I realise that this functionality exists already and can be configured in a workflow, but I guess I’m asking is there a way to standardise something like this - so it just happens automatically on a status change. Or maybe configure workflow to always add a “decision input” at the start and end of every workflow.
The current functionality in the stream allows a prompt to do something, but it isn’t necessarily a question, not does it prompt a follow up or secondary question where required.