The 'Translating Variables' feature is great where certain variables need to be translated to other phrases in an email template. The only downside is that a comma is used to separate the different options used for the variable, which means a comma cannot be used in the resulting 'translation'.

Very hard to describe - but lets say my site name was 'Test Site', and I wanted to insert a specific message or a paragraph into all email templates for this site:

"Thank you for choosing us, have a good day."

This would not be possible, the code would be:

{SITE_NAME,Test Site=Thank you for choosing us, have a good day.}

but the comma would ruin the output.

If there was a way of escaping the comma (ie. /, or *,*) this would allow for more complex templates without having to sacrifice grammar which would be very helpful!

The option to use basic html in the variables, such as line breaks <br />, would be great too.

Much appreciated,