Is it possible please to add a dropdown option to the 'Appointment Title' field in Appointments.
Most appointments that we arrange in our business are of 3 types, having to type this in each time (and hoping people call it the same thing or type in the correct words) can be a challenge as this field is freetype.
If there was a drop down, say option Sales Meeting, Follow Up Meeting, Site Survey & Maybe just Selecting 'default meeting' still allows a freetype for those meetings that don't fit in to one of the default choices?
Also, what would be wonderful is if there is a default option available, if we can pre-set the time 'Duration' field to a set value. So every time Sales Call is selected for example, the functionality knows that this will be a 20 minute appointment and default to that duration - or even just remove the duration option all together for pre-set appointment choices?
The screen showing availability is great, however not seeing what is in the spaces that are blocked out (already a booking in there) is a challenge, as say 09:00 somebody is in a meeting in London, but its a 30 minute meeting but then you need them to meet someone in Birmingham, there is no marker/visual clue as to whether that is going to be acceptable or not because you can see distance or any more detail about the prior or future appointments.
Also, is it possible to add Group Calendars please, rather than just Individual Calendars? Thanks