Our latest FLG feature - Voice 📣

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    Karen Barker
  • on 03-06-2019


I am very pleased to tell you that our latest development track, Voice, has commenced and the first release is complete!

What's Voice?

Voice is focused on diallers and telephony, offering tight integrations with some of the best telephony systems. These integrations are simple to set up, easy to use and offer all the compliance you need. We're exploring telephony systems for small and medium-sized businesses, and also those best suited to call or contact centre settings.

What's first for Voice?

Our first release is our Aircall integration. Aircall is an ultra modern telephony system with instant setup, powerful integrations and proven quality. It scales very easily and offers the flexibility you need to fit your business today and the plans you have for tomorrow.

Our first release with Aircall provides something new for FLG CRM - automatic telephone call note creation and access to call recordings straight from the lead. The latter is something you've been calling out for on compliance and quality grounds so we've made this our top priority.

Can I try the Aircall integration?

Absolutely! The FLG integration with Aircall is available right now. As an early release we've given you basic, yet valuable, features so we get real usage and your feedback as early as possible.

What's next for Voice?

You tell us! Hop over to the feedback site to post your suggestions.

We want to do more with Aircall to make the integration even better and then plan to look at our next product integration. If you have one you're desperate for, get it on our feedback site.

Thanks for reading.