New release - Voice click-to-call, screen-pop and number matching 📞


We've been busy adding new features to our Voice integration with Aircall.

We have a small number of customers who are already enjoying the Aircall integration and have been impressed with what they see. If you're looking for a telephony system with a tight integration with FLG, why not have a look at Aircall.

Click-to-call and screen-pop

Clicking on a telephone number in FLG will now send it straight to the Aircall dialler to save you time when making outbound calls and link the call straight to the lead.

We also show key caller information for inbound calls such as the caller's name and details about their lead plus a link to screen-pop straight to the lead.

Clever number matching

It's possible that your FLG system may have the same telephone number recorded on multiple leads. Or your users could call you from an alternative or withheld number you don't have recorded.

To ensure the call note and call recording are placed on the correct lead, we've added a clever number matching feature to allow the person on the phone to make matches during and for a period after the call

We use the FLG platform as our core product so this is going to be great for us as we take calls from multiple users from the same company. We can now quickly match calls to leads to ensure a complete audit of call notes and call recordings.

Let us know how we can make the Aircall integration even tighter or if you have a telephony system you'd love to be integrated with FLG.

All the best.

Mike Emery

Product Manager