New release - more Appointments automation 🕒


A new FLG Appointments feature to tell you about.

Lead action events

Make sure your customers or prospects never miss a call or meeting using lead action events with Appointments.

You can now send reminders, notifications and follow-ups based on the date or time of an FLG appointment. For instance, you could send an email one day before the appointment to ensure your prospect has everything to hand they'll need for a call. Or send a text message one hour before so they're ready and pick up the call when you ring. You could also remind your own users of forthcoming appointments so they can prepare.

Let us know if we can add any further automation to make your processes even more slick and consistent.

Next we're working on giving more control of Appointments from your FLG activity stream so you'll be able to delete and edit them without visiting your external calendar.

Have a great weekend.

Mike Emery

Product Manager