New release - minute granularity in workflows, Appointment templates and more


We've been busy making changes and improvements right across the product. These are now live.

Minute granularity in workflows

This is one I am really pleased to tell you about. It's the top voted feature on our feedback site so we know it's important.

You can now create automated workflows and trigger subsequent actions by minute and not just by hour or day. No more lukewarm leads because you had to wait an hour between actions! You can now keep your leads red hot by triggering automated communication or tasking one of your users immediately, for example.

If you want to learn how workflows can save you time and make your actions consistent, take a look at our help doc or get in touch with our support team for help.

Appointment types

Another great suggestion which came straight from our feedback site and currently the top voted Appointments feature. You can now define appointment types to ensure your appointments are consistent and can be created even faster.

Clearer back navigation in Journeys, Appointments and Voice

As our new features have grown we started to find that the breadcrumbs menu in the top left was becoming complicated. We've simplified this so that it now takes you straight back to where you were before.

Reports sorting

A bug was reported where values and costs were not sorting correctly in FLG native reports (not Insights). We've fixed that.

Thanks for reading.

Mike Emery

Product Manager