New release - make appointments for a team or group and set any appointment duration


A couple of great new additions to FLG Appointments.

Group appointments

FLG Appointments now supports groups. You can check calendar availability in a group or team to find a suitable slot for a meeting or call. It's quick, easy and uses your existing FLG user groups. All you need to do is get each user in the team to connect their external Google or Office 365 calendars and you're away.

Flexible appointment duration

This one came straight from our feedback site - it's great to be able to close the feedback loop.

Rather than choosing a fixed appointment length, you now have the freedom to select exactly how long your appointment should be.

Next we're going to give you a way to invite your customer or prospect to the appointment so it appears in their calendar and add support for Microsoft Exchange and calendars. Watch this space!

Thank you,

Mike Emery

Product Manager