New release - FLG template variables field chooser 📄


For those of you using templates and template variables, we think you're going to love our latest release. Adding variables to templates is tricky, time consuming and not within everyone's comfort zone. Well, not anymore!

To make it simpler and quicker for all users, we've added a new field chooser so you can now add variables to templates with a single click and see all available variables in one easy menu. No more code writing or trying to remember what is in each additional lead group field - everything at your fingertips right where you need it.

We've also made Journeys and Appointments fields available in the field chooser so they too can be added to templates. This is just the start of our work to make Journeys and Appointments data more accessible and usable. Next we're looking at API and webhook access.

Please take a look and let us know what you think. We love hearing what you like and don't like so we make the right priority decisions for you. Why not hop over to the FLG feedback board so you can see what other FLG users have asked for. Add your vote where you want the same thing or post something new.