New release - custom thank you messages in Journeys, improvements to Appointments and more


Some great new improvements to tell you about to celebrate the start of 2020.

Add a custom thank you page and redirect button to a completed journey

You can now add a custom thank you page to include your own text and a redirect button of your choice. With template variables, you can include key pieces of data from your lead to make the message personal and use language which suits your industry and customers. The redirect button allows you to send your customer to any http or https page. You could use this as an upsell opportunity by sending them back to a page on your main website or just send them to a page which reminds them of your process and what happens next. The choice is yours. Take a look at our user doc for more information.

Show the Appointments booking assistant as an iFrame in your website or as part of your website flow

It's been possible to send an email link allowing customers to view your availability and book their preferred slot via Appointments since November. We've now taken this a step further and made it so you can show the Appointments booking assistant as an iFrame in your website or as part of your website flow. Why let your lead cool down when you could get your customer or prospect to book an appointment there and then when they first show an interest in your product or service via your website? Perfect to secure that initial follow-up call. It's all in the user doc.

Improvements to Journeys styling

Now that Journeys is used by your customers and prospects for fact finds and other similar data gathering tasks, we've made some subtle styling changes to ensure it's as accessible and user friendly as possible. We've extended these changes to other new features like Appointments and Voice, including the admin tools, so that everyone benefits from these improvements.

Improvements to emoji handling

We've made some improvements to the way FLG handles communications containing emojis. We'd had some reports of incoming emails containing emojis being cut short which is now fixed and there's a new emoji selector on the toolbar.

Next, we're back working on making journeys more dynamic so you can fine-tune the route each customer or prospect takes with conditional logic.

Thanks for reading.

Mike Emery

Product Manager