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    Karen Barker
  • on 06-07-2021


Just to let you know about about a new addition to our Integrations page.

Accurate customer data lookup and validation with Fetchify

Do you want to ensure you only get clean, accurate, quality data in your FLG account? Our ClearCourse group sister company, Fetchify, is the leading data lookup and validation tool provider, guaranteeing the most accurate data available for you and your clients.

Fetchify sits outside of the FLG app and can be plugged into your landing pages, web forms or wherever else you gather leads to optimise form completion with faster data entry and fewer errors for better lead conversion and customer management.

To sign up for a Fetchify account, head over to FLG and go to Settings > Integrations > Fetchify and click Connect. Fetchify offer a 2 week free trial with 100 trial credits to help you get started. They will take care of managing and monitoring usage and billing as well as supporting you as a customer.

If your leads come from a partner, why not pass on this link and ask them to start providing accurate and reliable leads now.

Thanks for reading.

Karen Barker

Business Analyst