New - Enable access to workflows from the lead summary


Here's some information about a new feature we've recently added.

# Enable access to workflows from the lead summary

You told us that when processes are automated, you'd like the option to remove the ability for users to alter the required flow by starting or stopping workflows and deferring or canceling actions within a workflow.

There is now an extra permission option under the Managing Leads section of Users:

Disabling this permission has the following behaviour:

  • Removes the Workflows button from the lead summary view
  • Removes the Stop workflow option from the current running workflow view
  • Removes the Defer and Cancel buttons from the workflow details view.

Your users will still be able to see which workflow is running on the lead and the actions within the workflow.

We hope you find this useful. As always, if you have any questions please get in touch.

Thanks for reading.

Karen Barker

Business Analyst