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    Karen Barker
  • on 07-10-2022


I'm really pleased to announce that we have recently released email address validation, which will help to increase the likelihood of emails hitting your customer's inboxes, improve the quality of your mailing lists and empower you to be able to reach out to customers for correct information.

The first release sees email addresses being validated against a list of known spam traps, disposable email domains and bounced email addresses. This won’t catch all invalid email addresses, such as typos in the username, but further work is ongoing to add full email address validation.

Email address validation

Email address validation has been added on lead creation and update and also at the point of email sending. New leads will be accepted even if they have an invalid email address, however, you will not be able to contact the lead by email until the email address is corrected.

Lead view

On lead creation and update, invalid email addresses can be added, however, when you are viewing the lead, if the email address has failed the validation check, it will be marked with an Invalid badge as shown below:

Sending an email from a lead

On clicking Send, a validation check is carried out on the To, Cc and Bcc fields. If any email address in those fields is invalid, you will see an error message on screen telling you which email address is affected and giving you the opportunity to update it. The email will only be able to be sent once all email addresses are valid.

Bulk emails

Validation checks will be made on all editable email address fields throughout the bulk email wizard. Invalid email addresses will be shown in an error message for the field and will need to be corrected before you can proceed.

On sending, any email address which is invalid will not be attempted and a failure will be shown on the job output page as below:

Emails sent via workflows and lead actions

Emails will not be sent to invalid email addresses and an audit message will be added to the lead showing the email wasn’t sent due to the invalid email address.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Thanks for reading.

Karen Barker