New - Copy hidden fields when copying a lead

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    Karen Barker
  • on 11-05-2021


We've recently added a new enhancement to FLG that has come straight from our feedback boards.

Copy hidden fields when copying a lead

Previously, when a user did not have permission to view the introducer or source fields, or if a standard or additional field was set to the field type of Hide, the data stored in those fields was lost when the lead was copied. This has caused you extra manual work to find and update the missing details or frustration in losing important data.

From now on you'll be able to choose whether you want to retain the current behaviour or choose to copy these fields alongside the rest of the lead data. We've provided two extra options in your Lead Group settings to give you full control of what you do and don't want to copy.

Coming soon we'll be giving you the option to not show fields of type Hide on the Lead Details page.

Thanks for reading.

Karen Barker

Business Analyst