New release - Voice call history, easy voicemail identification and more automation
FLG Voice
I am pleased to be able to tell you about three new Voice features.
Call history
To go hand in hand with our Voice feature, we've added a call history to administer your calls. Here you can ensure every call has a matched lead and no important calls get lost. It's also the place to view all the call details and another place to add call comments and listen to call recordings.
Call hist (blurred)
Inbound voicemails
We'll now make it clear on the lead and in the call history when your customer or prospect leaves you a voicemail rather than treating it as a normal inbound call. At a glance you'll be able to see that your attention is needed and a voicemail exists.
Voicemail on lead (pixelated)
Lead action events
You can now automate actions on an unanswered inbound call or on receipt of an inbound voicemail. Why not task your users immediately to return the call or listen to the voicemail to keep the lead warm and provide the best customer service you can.
Voice event triggers
Next we're going to improve the call history and give you a way to archive calls when there is no corresponding lead. In the coming weeks we'll also have a brand new Voice integration to tell you about to add to Aircall.
Thank you
Mike Emery
Product Manager