New - Integrations page
We’ve recently released our brand new Integrations page which will provide a home within FLG for you to be able to find and connect your 3rd party applications.
Integrations page
Changes to FLG
We’ve moved a couple of things around to ensure a one-stop shop for all things Integrations within FLG, but don’t worry, these tools are still available, just head over to Settings > Integrations to find their new home.
  1. Flow XO has been removed from the app switcher on the main menu
  2. Voice has been removed from the Settings menu
FlowXO Voice removal
What’s next?
We plan to expand our integration offerings in the future and it would be great to hear your feedback on what would be most useful. Some ideas we’ve already had from you are below, if any would be useful to you, please click on the link and vote on our feedback site.
If, however, there’s anything we’re missing, please let us know by adding a suggestion directly on our feedback board or by replying to this email.
Thanks for reading.
Karen Barker
Business Analyst