Improvements to partner features

Karen Barker

- API access to partner referral setup - e.g. postcodes, lead types etc
- Be able to search for which partners take leads in certain postcode areas
- Add a notes section when submitting returns
- Customise return options based on the specific partner, rather than having generic return reasons
- Automatically make a partner active on a specific date
- De-duplication checks on leads being sent to a partner to ensure duplicates aren't delivered
- Ability to manually refer a lead as it's being created in the system
- Add FCA Authorisation number as a template variable
- Option to automatically reset billing points when a return is accepted
- Allow different workflows to run on sub leads
- More granular ability to set limits and schedules for referrals
- Better prioritisation of lead delvieries
- Partner styled emails/texts
- Support Ping Post deliveries of leads


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Karen Barker

Status changed to: Under review