Improved reporting functionality

Karen Barker

- Include Invalidated conversion point in partner reports
- Include more tracking for SMS reports
- New report showcasing response times for SLA tracking
- New report showing total number of contact points per lead
- Add calculations/percentages to reports
- Be able to include the data of the last note/call in a report
- Page totals rather than just column totals
- Move the audit report to Insights
- Move the missing partner reports to Insights
- Include the region field in the postcode report in Insights
- Merge fields with the same name into 1 field
- Report to show number of times each lead has been referred
- Show districts as well as postcode areas on the Partner postcode report
- Give visibility of linked leads in reports
- Reporting on Journey and appointment activity
- Rename column/row headers in reports
- Ability to freeze the header row
- Allow column totals on list reports

Funnel Reports
- Conversion rate percentages between steps on reports as well as charts
- Allow funnels to count a status change more than once
- Allow extra fields to be pulled into Funnel reports.

- Filter on Today's date
- Filter on a specific workflow name
- Filter on text message body
- Filter by hour rather than just day

Scheduled/Shared/Downloaded Reports
- Improve customer experience if no data is available in a report

General usage
- Be able to pin reports from within the report designer, not just the home page
- Duplicate a report from the homepage, not just within the report designer
- Allow branding on Insights emails
- Make Insights mobile friendly
- Show currency symbol on reports
- Improve access to the data for reporting purposes
- Report on Journey data
- Only show reports to the person who created them, with the option to share with other users if required.


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Karen Barker

Status changed to: Under review