WhatsApp integration

Mike Emery

Support for WhatsApp as an alternative to text message/SMS.


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William Michael Gibson

need WhatsApp for communicating with leads



We have started using WhatsApp API integration. We as a business would find it extremely help full if FLG supported it. We are finding that we need to be more omnichannel and not just phone, email and text.


Rob Higginbotham

Hi, we'd also find a WhatsApp integration very useful within FLG.


Bill Burey

We use WhatsApp in pretty much all of our businesses. We have integrations outside and are able to push data into notes / letters etc if we needed it. We have tried to put WhatsApp web (web.whatsapp.com/) into an iFrame but cannot get it to connect.
But yes ability to communicate with customers and / or sales guys via WhatsApp out of FLG would be really useful


Seth East

We use WhatsApp a lot and an FLG integration would be a game changer for us to be able to assign groups and keep a record of the conversations in FLG.


Mike Emery

Mark Hall: No, not yet - it's still an idea. We hope to explore further in 2021 in line with a group wide project being run by our parent company.


Chris Jones

Hi Mike, hope you're well. Any update to this? Thanks


Mark Hall

Has this integration gone ahead?



We have been using whatsapp business for a few months now and are finding it very effective. In fact I would say it is essential to our business going forward. An integration with FLG for the future is a must.


Mike Emery

Ben Rogers: Thanks for the extra info


Ben Rogers

Just to add something to this, according to various sources, whatsapp has a 95-98% open rate. Compare that with emails, which are nowhere near that (varying stats, but significantly lower)

I'm not sure if whatsapp Business API is that easy to use - as it's not already integrated with Zapier, it makes me think perhaps not.

But this could be game-changing for FLG - imagine being able to push notifications via whatsapp using FLG's bots. There are various products available at the moment - perhaps FLG could consider an integration with them, e.g. smooch.io/


Luke Western

Ben Rogers: I use regular WhatsApp - I'll have a look at the business one though. Cheers! Luke