Integrate with ToolBox

Mike Emery

There's an increase of questions asking about integrating with Tool Box (i believe they now have an API) if you'd like the same, leave a comment how you need to work with their system (and don't forget to add your vote)


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Edward Stevenson

It would be very helpful to have the functionality to API our fact find which we have built in FLG, into Toolbox.
Then, post sale to customer, we would like to having the ability to API out of Toolbox the product details, thereby all product and commission info could be retained in each converted lead file, thus improving reporting visibility.


Karen Barker

Thanks for the suggestion Sarah Palombo


Karen Barker

I *think* this is the website - www.tmaclub.com/toolbox/ They mention a few integrations but it doesn't look like it's a widely open API at the moment so would require contacting directly to find out their policies.


Sarah Palombo

Both of my prospects i did a demo for today (Vesta Financial Services Ltd & Thats Life Insurance) have asked for Tool Box Integration which is a crm provided by their mortgage network. They want to add a case / update the case one asked to upload docs too