Delivery Status Doesn't Really Work

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Andrew Biggs

Hi all, great to be able to leave some feedback here.

The problem I am facing is that when there is a problem at FLG's side or at my partners side, there is no way to know if anything is wrong.

I tend to find out way too late and ends up costing me thousands.

I am delivering leads via API and the API does give a response but I have to dig deep into every lead to see that response and find out the delivery was successful.

It would be great if I could see the response from the partner on the lead list page so that at a glance I can see if leads are flowing nicely to the partner.

If you could please consider adding in the Settings->Configuration->Preferences->Defaults a tick box for "Response".

Obviously it would be a little messy but I honestly think you should be doing more to feed back responses. There are fields for it in the lead details section but they are not being populated when using the API to fee to partners.


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Karen Barker

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the suggestion. I agree it would be really useful to be able to trigger an event occuring whenever a delivery to a partner fails - e.g. task user, email user etc.

In the meantime though, did you know that you can filter search leads based on the `Internet delivery successful` field being `No`. If you created a pinned search for `Failed deliveries` you could run that search each day and hopefully catch them a lot sooner and more easily than you are currently.